Meet the founder: Mary Funbi Yusuf


Lawyer by day | Creative by night

Mary is a christian, a lawyer and a serial entrepreneur.  She also serves as one of the leaders in the vibrant ministry that is Flowing Rivers. 

She is a passionate believer in not getting caught up in a busy life but living a fruitful one. When she discovered that her life was not as fruitful as it should be  she created systems to help her be more intentional about achieving this and now shares this through the tools and content she puts out on this platform for women in all walks of life in a bid to help them stay rooted in faith and lead lives which bear real fruit. 

Her hope is that the products, events and content here at The Fruitful Woman will encourage women to step out into their God-given purpose and leave the explosive impact God created them to. 

"She is a determined and self-motivated individual with a passion for stationery."

 Wendy Vickery, Marketing Manager at Pentel UK 

"I'm impressed. Only 25 and already a Boss Lady."

 Julia Faiers, Editor of Stationery Matters. 


Mary is passionate about seeing you living a fruitful and fulfilling life. She provides mentoring and accountability services to help you hone in to your purpose and passions and produce fruit from them. She will help you create strategic plans and keep you accountable throughout. Why not book an appointment with her below and start your journey to fruitfulness today ...